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Blue Sharks

If you work out on land or in the water, the real candy flavour of Blue Sharks will make your mouth water. Blue Sharks candy flavour combines the delicious taste of blue raspberry gummies and the creamy sweet marshmallow flavour of the shark’s belly.

Banana Pop flavour

Banana Pop

Working out can help you feel young, but our banana popsicle flavor will take you back to your childhood.

Candy Peach flavour

Candy Peach

The first thing you will notice upon shaking up this flavor is the unbelievable peach candy smell. If you’re looking for something to be passionate about, this is the candy flavor for you. The delectable taste of peach, and a hint of sour.


Real classic sweet and sour grape slice gummy flavour. These are sour grapes you can feel good about!


Inspired by the box jump? Maybe. The delicious taste of Green Frogs will certainly “hop” on to your favourites list. A delectable blend of green apple gummy flavour with the added taste of creamy marshmallow.

Pina Colada candy Flavour

Pina Colada Candy

Refreshing pineapple and coconut with a hint of rum flavour! This is a refreshing pina colada protein shake that you can take to the beach! Surf’s up!

Orange Slice

Grab a little slice of heaven! Treat yourself to the classic mouth-watering orange gummy and marshmallow cream flavour combination of orange slice. No peeling required.

Cotton Candy flavour

Cotton Candy

Bring back the memories of a day at the circus with cotton candy flavour! This classic candy flavour is sure to be your favourite!

Cherry Pineapple Twist flavour

Cherry Pineapple Twist

The classic combination of Cherry and Pineapple flavors creates a refreshing twist that is out of the ordinary.

Red Raspberry

Hit your workout with a burst of flavour! The uncomplicated sweet and tart taste of red raspberry gummies is a classic. Try the delicious rush of red raspberry flavour-your taste buds won’t know what hit them.

Sour Cherry Blast

You pack a punch to your workout, why not pack flavour into your supplement? You will taste the intense sour cherry flavour first, followed by hint of sweetness, giving you that real candy experience that comes with all Revolution’s candy flavour products.

Sour Watermelon

Pucker up for the taste of sour watermelon. It’s always summertime with this ripe and juicy iconic summer flavor – best of all no seeds!